We travel to magnificent Albania!

//We travel to magnificent Albania!

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A relationship as old as the Old Continent, connecting Greece with Albania inviting you to discover!

Today the two countries collaborate on many levels. From micro-transactions to the wholesale trade and tourism. Albania is now a country with a rapidly growing economy, making it one of the most sought after countries for emerging Europe, and not only, investors.

Before traveling to Albania, it is worthwhile to search for more information or ask our travel office staff for the Abanian market and its attractions in order to find the place that you can relax and explore from side to side.

The southern part of the country is flooded, almost all year round, from the sun’s rays which are mirrored in the crystal clear Adriatic and the Ionian Sea. There you can enjoy relaxation, combining sea and mountain. The nature consists mainly of vineyards, fruit farmings, rivers, lakes and mountains reaching to 2,500 meters and look like they gently touch the blue sky. From north to south, the Albanian nature has a lot to show and give you. In addition, it is worth noting that Albania is one of the few countries that have such a large number of organic product.

Moreover, the high quality and affordable food will make you love the Albanian cuisine which has significant influences from Mediterranean flavors, while you have the opportunity to enjoy abundant raki in every corner of the country.

To visit Albania is necessary to bring with you your identity, which should also be in Latin. The good relationship between Greece and Albania offers you flexibility in your passage in both countries without any problems and delays.